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    Ideal Tech offers engineering services, program management, and manufacturing solutions for many industries. Our "LEADER" (Listen, Evaluate, Aspire, Design, Engineer, Render) approach is used in all our engineering services. If you are Fortune 500, Tier 1, Tier2, Tier 3, Customer Molder, Mold or Tool Shop, Material Supplier, Inventor of new product, we are your partner for all engineering needs. Scroll down for details. 

    Product Design (CAD)   Finite Element Analysis (FEA)  

    Art to Part - New Product Design, Moldflow Analysis, FEA, Tooling, Molding

    Concept Design
    Complete product design
    3D design and surfacing
    2D to 3D conversion
    Reverse engineering
    Metal to Plastics
    Full support-Art to Part

    Finite Element Analysis, Linear Non Linear, Thermal, CFD, Impact Analysis

    Linear structural analysis
    Non-linear structual analysis
    Modal / Vibration Analysis
    CFD analysis
    Heat Transfer Thermal Analysis
    Weight Optimization
    Mechanical Event Simulation
    Moldflow Simulation
    Moldflow  Analysis   Project Management  

    Moldflow Analysis, Mold Filling and Packing Analysis, Mold Cooling Analysis, Part Warpage Analysis

    Filling Packing Cooling Analysis
    Part Warpage analysis
    Fiber, Shrinkage, Gas, Mucell
    Core deflection analysis
    Overmold, Insert, Co-injection
    Microchip encapsulation
    Thermoset, Rubber molding
    RIM, Injection-Compression
    Metal Process simulation

    Medical Device - Complete Plastics Design, Moldflow Analysis, fea, Rapid Prototyping, Project Management, Tooling and Molding

    Art to Part Project Management
    Tooling Project Management
    Manufacturing Solutions
    Product Testing and Packaging
    Management Consulting
    Overseas Project Management
    Project Engineering Resources

    Consulting/Problem Solving   Tooling and Molding   

    Consumer Products - Complete Design, Overmolding, Two Shot Molding, Moldflow Analysis

    Product Failure
    Production Issues
    Plant Layout / Operations
    Management Consulting
    New Energy Solutions
    Quality Issues Documenation
    Custom Training/Seminar
    Legal Consulting

    Gate, Runner, Manifold Sizing Layout, Cooling Layout, Hotspots, Molding Issues, Molding Set Up, Tryout Support

    Tooling Failure
    Mold Tryout / Set up Support
    Molding Issues
    Material Issues
    Design Tooling Molding Training
    Mold Standards Documentation
    Total Quality Management 
    Plant Operations/layout

    Rapid Prototyping  
    Custom Application Development

    Plastics Design, Plastics Materials, Rapid Prototyping, Testing, moldflow analysis

    SLA / Stereolithography
    3D Printing
    Silicone or Epoxy Molds
    Machined Parts
    Aluminum Tooling

    Light Weight Materials, New Application Development, Research, Product Testing,

    Engineering Applications
    Joint Research Development
    Database Management
    CAD Development
    Product Testing
    New Processes

    Ideal Tech Engineering has experience of over 5000 parts in automotive, aerospace, medical, consumers, electronics, defense, energy, and other industries ranging from product design, finite element analysis, mold filling analysis / moldflow analysis, process simulation, injection molding and tooling, consulting, problem solving, rapid prototyping, and complete project management. We have helped many start up businesses to bring their products to market. Since we work with all different companies and our apporach to develop partnership with our customers enables us to feed more business to many of ours customers especially material suppliers, custom molding, injection mold makers, and  tool builders. Come see how we can make any single engineering project a value added proposal to your whole project and make a difference. 


    Moldflow Analysis, Mold Cooling Analysis, Part Warpage Analysis Services

    1. Every part is modeled accurately from your product design, tooling inserts, tooling material, cooling layout, molding process set up, machine details, gate details, runners to material selection and right selection of various different modeling techniques.
    2. Complete upfront expert review of project for product design, tooling details, processing set up, plastics materials, machines, gating options, product functional requirements, various saftety/regulatory requirements, weld line/structural concerns, stress issues, warpage concerns, and shrinkage issues.
    3. Experience of over 5000 parts for design, tooling, and processing is unique and compare to other sources where expertise are limited to run the software and provide results without qualified hands on experience and educational expertise.
    4. Professional report that includes all animations, dynamic rotations, all different results with specific comments/issues marked in details, optimal solution and expert recommendations to improve design, processing, runners, tooling, overall cycle time, complete reference set up, detailed iterations/options, comparison of results, all molding issues, and warpage concerns in one simple PowerPoint show presentation and walks you through simple click of mouse and full web presentation.
    5. Complete output of results with MFR file if you need it or output of warped part data to compare or use it for built in warpage in tooling.
    6. Continuous Improvement Program - Tryout follow up and complete comparison of analysis results for filling, cooling, and warpage if you provide us with your tryout results, reference parts, mold set up data, and warpage measurements. These observations are used to continually improve our accuracy and problem solving technique.
    7. Special customer feedback rebate program to all customers who actively provide their feedback. Save costs on future projects with your feedback and improve accuracy and confidence in our services.
    8. Creative business partnership approach for new products and new technologies.
    9. Benefits of our analysis services - Plantwide improvements in your molding operations through improved part design/tooling/process, reduced engineering time, elimination of several tryouts, improved part quality, reduction in cycle time, balanced filling and pressure distribution, balanced runners and gates, reduction in clamp tonnage, elimination of flash, reduce or eliminate sink or flow mark issues, elimination of weld line/vent/burn issues, reduced scrap, dimensional stability, improved cooling, and much more.
    10. Use moldflow / metal process simulation for all your parts and receive these long term companywide key benefits - tremendous cost savings in entire design, tooling, and production, robust engineering design approach in your product development cycle, access to the latest technology and qualified expertise without any additional capital investments, overall improved products at reduced cost and timing, improved manufacturing operations and reduced quality issues, maximize your ROI and be ready to compete globally with best quality parts at reduced costs. Ideal Tech is the only source that does this right way.

    Plastics Design, FEA, Moldflow Analysis, Engineering Optimization Services

    1. Complete capability from art to part in product design, moldflow analysis, finite element analysis, engineering services, problem solving in tooling and molding, project management, and management consulting.
    2. Practical experience of tool making and building, various metal production processes or plastics molding processes through our past work experience as well as higher educational background of Masters/Phd in the field.
    3. Our concurrent approach and optimization using design, FEA, moldflow together will save you on material, design iterations, engineering changes, tooling, molding, production, assembly, packaging and overall project management of all your products.
    4. We offer not only the best value for all our engineering services, but also collaborate with molders, tool makers, manufacturers on many of our product design and full project management programs.
    5. We work very closely with our customers offering them variety of options that are specifically tailored to meet customer requirements. Our short term or long term contract or project based pricing simplifies all your engineering services needs and reduces additional administrative work or project management issues. We are your supplier and partner who puts robust engineering and advanced simulation to eliminate excess engineering costs and get virtual parts at fraction of total project costs.
    6. Experience of all industries from automotive, aerospace, medical, consumers, defense, electronics, energy that provides us an opportunity to offer innovative solutions and ideas by cross blending technologies of various industries.
    7. If we are responsible for your complete design, developlement, FEA, moldflow analysis, we will offer full engineering support for your tooling and molding.
    8. Complete comprehensive review of design, tooling, molding, recommendations, verified option, tryout support, molding problem solving, full packaging, and networking for retail marketing for new consumers products is part of our full engineering service project.
    9. Complete documentation for manufacturing problem solving, plant layout, quality documentation, mold or molding documentations/standardization, and management consulting.
    10. New application development, complete data storage, database management, software customization, research and development for new processes/applications.
    11. Lastly, most of our customer base is generated because of existing customers references and recommendations of our services.


            Moldflow Analysis
    Moldflow Analysis, Mold Filling Analysis, Mold Cooling Analysis, Part Warpage Analysis

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